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is a multifaceted company specializing in total elevator pit cleaning, waterproofing, and monitoring. Starting in 2014 and still successfully operating as Select Basement Waterproofing ®, we have seen thousands of water related situations in residential and commercial spaces leading to mold, structural damage and health related issues. Our team of highly experienced and trained technicians understand the necessity of having a clean, dry, healthy, and safe space to live and work in. This is even more important in a confined space such as in an elevator pit.

Founders Jerome Fokas and Barry Robbins have both the knowledge and experience with proven success in the waterproofing and construction industry. Together they created Select Elevator Waterproofing ® & Pit Cleaning with the Fit Pit System and Green Smart Pit, both soon to revolutionize the world of elevator pits. We are a smarter world than years ago and we can not leave health and safety concerns of elevators in the stone age. With the company’s core principles of customer satisfaction, a “health and safety” first approach, and budget friendly pricing, Select Elevator Waterproofing ® and Pit Cleaning is the smartest choice for all your elevator needs.

The patented SAFE PIT® System is a revolutionary water abatement system developed to remove standing water and prevent additional water infiltration into an elevator/escalator pit enclosure. By utilizing CentAir Core™ technology, this system places all state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical components outside of the elevator hoist way and mechanical room.

The SAFE PIT® System’s innovative design constantly monitors for water intrusion and removes the water from beneath the pit floor to an external discharge location. This system eliminates costly repairs due to water damage and facilitates a safer building and working environment. The SAFE PIT® System’s components can be adapted to meet local elevator and building codes, even the most recent and stringent ones.


… cracks, leaks, or other damage to any part of your elevator pit creates a safety hazard to your riders and the maintenance crew… and before more oils or excrement can cause a health hazard to anyone that comes within breathing distance, contact the elevator pit experts.


We work on every aspect of the pit to make it the healthiest and safest it can be; degreasing, removing oils, repairing and resurfacing the hoist way, pouring a new pit slab, painting, epoxy coating, and waterproofing. We do it all and we do it right.


… when we’re finished, your elevator pit will be a SAFE PIT®


For healthier and safer elevator pits, contact us!




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