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Facts About New Jersey

New Jersey has a long and distinguished history that dates back far before the American Revolution in which the state played a pivotal role. Also known as the Garden State, New Jersey has been a center for high-tech industry and invention throughout its existence. Originally settled by Native Americans, New Jersey has welcomed waves of immigrants, from the Dutch and English in the 1600s to Asians and Latin Americans today. One of the first European explorers to see the land that became New Jersey was Henry Hudson, who in 1609 sailed along the coast in his ship the Half Moon. One of his crewmembers wrote in his journal, “This is a very good land to fall in with and pleasant land to see.” The first colonizers were the Dutch, who established their New Netherland colony along the Hudson River. A short-lived Swedish colony was established on the Delaware River to the south. In 1664, the English conquered the region and named the area between the two rivers New Jersey, after the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel. New Jersey played a key role in the American Revolution.

Because it was located between British-occupied New York City and the rebel capital of Philadelphia, the state was repeatedly invaded by the enemy. Gen. George Washington spent more of the war in New Jersey than in any other state. And more battles and skirmishes – including the battles of Trenton, Princeton and Monmouth – were fought here than anywhere else. Washington’s victory at Trenton in 1776 has been described as the most important American military victory ever, because if he had lost it, the nation would have perished in its infancy. The state has rightfully been dubbed the “Crossroads of the American Revolution.” After the war, New Jersey was the third state to adopt the U.S. Constitution and the first to approve The Bill of Rights.

At the 1787 constitutional convention in Philadelphia, a New Jersey delegate, William Paterson, put forward the “New Jersey Plan,” which ultimately led to the establishment of the U.S. Senate, in which every state, large and small, has equal representation. In 1791, founding father Alexander Hamilton and his associates selected an area along the Passaic River as the first planned industrial city, where rushing waters powered the new city’s textile factories. This was a first step in New Jersey’s transition to being a powerhouse of the industrial revolution. Location was everything for the state, situated strategically at the midpoint between the northern and southern regions of the country. The state embraced the building of canals and roads, and the first steam railroad in America was built in Hoboken. One of the most important figures in New Jersey’s economic development was Thomas Alva Edison, who established a pioneering research and development enterprise, where the light bulb, sound recordings, motion pictures, commercial electric service and other innovations were invented or improved.

New Jersey has continued its record of inventions. In the 20th century, these have included everything from the transistor to decaffeinated coffee. Today the state is a leader in telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. Through its resort communities along the state’s 130 miles of ocean shoreline, New Jersey has also been a pioneer in recreation and tourism. In 1947, New Jersey adopted a new constitution that has been regarded as a model for other states for its design of the legislative, judicial and executive branches. The constitution banned segregation and other forms of discrimination – a progressive step years before the civil rights revolution. Following World War II, the state witnessed an enormous expansion of its suburbs, a growth made possible by affordable housing developments, federally backed mortgages and the interstate highway system, which was manifested in New Jersey by the Garden State Parkway and the NJ Turnpike. New Jersey ranks 47th in size and 11th in population, making it the most densely populated state in the nation. Despite this, it has preserved hundreds of thousands of acres of open space. Scientists continue to marvel at the variety of soil types, plants and animal species found in this small area, while a higher proportion of the state is covered by forest than many other states.

Elevator Pit Cleaning

There are many different types of elevator pits across many types of industrial organizations, from grease pits to sump pump and beyond. Whatever kind of pit you have on site, these all need to be professionally cleaned, regularly and thoroughly. Elevator pits of all kinds require both routine, scheduled maintenance, and in some cases, cleaning on a more emergent basis. Select Elevator Waterproofing and Pit Cleaning offers thorough pit cleaning services, using high pressure equipment. Our industrial jetting methods flush sludge, debris, grease, and any other accumulated materials away. As solids build up, backups and other unsafe conditions occur, and our equipment cleans all of that away. Of course, bringing us in to maintain your pit is an easy way to avoid most of that build up in the first place. Getting into a pit to get it clean is a challenge unless you have the right equipment, training, and skills. Our crew will arrive at your site with all of that and more, ensuring that even the tightest, most cramped pit is comprehensively cleaned. If something seems wrong with your pit and you aren’t sure what it is, we’re here to help. Our experienced team can inspect the pit to diagnose the problem and provide you with a solution, as well as a suggested schedule for routine maintenance in order to avoid the same thing happening again.

We use our high pressure equipment to remove the sludge and dirt, and ensure that every piece of debris is clear from your pit. High-pressure water is remarkably effective in removing even the most stubborn, hardened, congealed materials. Any liquid waste or waste mixed with pump water is transported off site and disposed of in a compliant way by our team, so you do not need to worry about cleaning up the clean-up. If you do not take the time or make the investment in regular pit cleaning and maintenance, you will ultimately pay for it in the long run. An inadequately cleaned pit can result in bad smells, broken pipes, pump failures, business downtime, and unhappy customers. And, working to fix that big problem is often a lot more costly than it would be to simply maintain the pit regularly. A clean pit works better and lasts longer, making it more efficient and cost-effective over time.

Elevator pit cleaning is always a work in progress. Typically, clean elevators are an indication that the bin has an elevator maintenance program and a proactive elevator maintenance person. Elevator pit cleaning is vital to avoid the accumulation of trash and dust over time. Moreover, Elevator pits, just like railroad pits or auto oil changing pits get dirty with oil, grease, metal shavings and dirt should be cleaned before more oils or excrements can cause a health hazard to anyone that comes within breathing distance, besides, it is a fire hazard and has to clean up immediately. Cracks, leaks, or other damage to any part of your elevator pit can create a safety hazard for your riders and the maintenance crew too. All this can be discovered on time and restored during a routine elevator cleaning process to avert extreme damages or emergency situation.

Nevertheless, the following parts also considered for a wholesome elevator pit cleaning service;

  • Lift shaft cleaning; the landing doors and door equipment are vacuumed, degreased and cleaned of any debris. The lift shaft structure and any steel work cleaning will be done to a professional standard ensuring the removal of all dirt, grease, and dust and lastly, any internal panels as well as steel fascia will be thoroughly cleaned and polished
  • Lift pit cleaning; involves the removal of all the debris. The pit floor and all pit equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and degreased, and the area will be thoroughly vacuumed and also sanitized if required
  • Lift car exterior; Lift car top will be swept and degreased, the lift doors and door equipment will be thoroughly degreased and cleaned. Ensure the cleaning of all the debris from the car track and toe guard.
  • Lift car interior; all surfaces will be wiped clean, the sweeping and mopping of the floor if necessary using an antibacterial solution and all other surfaces such as handrails, glass, and buttons will be polished using appropriate materials

Select Elevator Waterproofing & Pit Cleaning – Safe Pit

Select Elevator Waterproofing & Pit Cleaning is a multifaceted company specializing in total elevator pit cleaning, waterproofing, and monitoring. Starting in 2014 and still successfully operating as Select Basement Waterproofing, we have seen thousands of water related situations in residential and commercial spaces leading to mold, structural damage and health related issues. Our team of highly experienced and trained technicians understand the necessity of having a clean, dry, healthy, and safe space to live and work in. This is even more important in a confined space such as in an elevator pit.

Owners Jerome Fokas and Barry Robbins have both the knowledge and experience with proven success in the waterproofing and construction industry. Together they created Select Elevator Waterproofing & Pit Cleaning with the Fit Pit System and Green Smart Pit, both soon to revolutionize the world of elevator pits. We are a smarter world than years ago and we can not leave health and safety concerns of elevators in the stone age. With the company’s core principles of customer satisfaction, a “health and safety” first approach, and budget friendly pricing, Select Elevator Waterproofing and Pit Cleaning is the smartest choice for all your elevator needs.

The patented SAFE PIT® System is a revolutionary water abatement system developed to remove standing water and prevent additional water infiltration into an elevator/escalator pit enclosure. By utilizing CentAir Core™ technology, this system places all state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical components outside of the elevator hoist way and mechanical room.

The SAFE PIT® System’s innovative design constantly monitors for water intrusion and removes the water from beneath the pit floor to an external discharge location. This system eliminates costly repairs due to water damage and facilitates a safer building and working environment. The SAFE PIT® System’s components can be adapted to meet local elevator and building codes, even the most recent and stringent ones.

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