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Select Elevator Waterproofing is a multifaceted company specializing in total elevator pit cleaning, waterproofing, and monitoring. Starting in 2014 and still successfully operating as Select Basement Waterproofing ™, we have seen thousands of water-related situations in residential and commercial spaces leading to mold, structural damage and health-related issues. Our team of highly experienced and trained technicians understand the necessity of having a clean, dry, healthy, and safe space to live and work in. This is even more important in a confined space such as in an elevator this is also way elevator waterproofing is important. The patented SAFE PIT® System is a revolutionary water abatement system developed to remove standing water and prevent additional water infiltration into an elevator/escalator pit enclosure. By utilizing CentAir Core™ technology, this system places all state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical components outside of the elevator hoistway and mechanical room. The SAFE PIT® System’s innovative design constantly monitors for water intrusion and removes the water from beneath the pit floor to an external discharge location. This system eliminates costly repairs due to water damage and facilitates a safer building and working environment. The SAFE PIT® System’s components can be adapted to meet local elevators and building codes, even the most recent and stringent ones.

Facts About Trenton

Trenton became New Jersey’s capital as of November 25, 1790, and the city of Trenton was formed within Trenton Township on November 13, 1792.The first settlement which would become Trenton was established by Quakers in 1679, in the region then called the Falls of the Delaware, led by Mahlon Stacy from Handsworth, Sheffield, UK. Quakers were being persecuted in England at this time and North America provided the perfect opportunity to exercise their religious freedom.

The town adopted the name Trent-towne, by 1719, after William Trent, one of its leading landholders who purchased much of the surrounding land from Stacy’s family. This name was later shortened and changed to Trenton. The city was the site of George Washington’s first military victory during the Revolutionary War. Washington and his army, after crossing the frigid Delaware River to Trenton on December 26,1776, defeated the Hessian troops manned there. After the war, Trenton was briefly the national capital of the United States in November and December of 1784. The city was considered a permanent capital for the new country but the southern states favored a city south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Trenton is home to many places to visit if you are intrigued by arts and culture, or if you want to catch a sporting event downtown. The New Jersey State House, New Jersey State Library, Trenton City Museum, Trenton War Memorial, Trenton Battle Monument, and the Trenton City Hall are all great historic visits to anyone looking for a fresh look at Trenton. The Waterfront of Trenton holds the iconic Arm & Hammer Park where the Trenton Thunder the Minor League Double-A affiliates of the New York Yankees host their baseball games. Trenton is both home to great history and plenty of family fun!


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