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Elevator Waterproofing Basics Morganville, NJ

Intrusion of water in elevator pits is common, especially if elevator waterproofing has been ignored or was not done properly. The presence of moisture in the elevator pit can result in rusting and damage to the mechanical components of the elevator. Recovering from this can be costly and difficult.

Water seepage in elevator pits is common in areas with high water tables. While waterproofing the elevator pit is something that ought to be done as part of the construction process, it is often overlooked. Many building owners and managers only resort to elevator waterproofing when they begin to experience seepage problems in the elevator pits.

Step by step elevator pit waterproofing

Waterproofing an elevator pit in an existing building can be difficult. However, it isn’t impossible. While the exact process may differ from one contractor to the next, the general steps taken are as follows:

  1. Removal of water

Any water within the elevator pit is removed. This water is often contaminated with oil and other chemicals within the elevator pit. It should therefore not be dumped into the main sewer lines before it is treated. A professional waterproofing company can handle the disposal of the water on your behalf.

Trenton, NJ | Elevator Pit Cleaning

  1. Cleaning of the elevator pit

The elevator pit is cleaned and any grease is removed. This allows for closer inspection of the elevator walls and floor. The contractor is then able to identify water seepage areas and the cause of the seepage.

  1. Installation of a waterproofing system

The next step involves the installation of a waterproofing system. This may include installing a drain tile and sump pump system as well as a waterproof coating on the elevator pit floor and walls. If there are cracks in the elevator pit walls, they may need to be sealed. Polyurethane injections can be used to seal the cracks and prevent penetration of water.

Choose an experienced professional

Elevator waterproofing is not a DIY job. It’s a job that ought to be done only by an experienced and qualified professional. This will help to safeguard your property.

Be sure to check that the contractor you’re interested in working with has the required qualifications and adequate experience to do the job right. They should also be able to provide references for jobs they’ve done in the past.

An elevator is a large investment. Be sure to protect your investment by hiring the right contractor for the job.


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